• Bring your students into your dedicated Verified Network.
  • Connect your Students, Faculty and Management online securely.
  • Manage your College Page, Build your Brand Identity and
    publish your achievements.


When you register with Flocks, you are assured a secure platform for your students, faculty and management to communicate regarding companies for jobs, internships, projects etc. You can restrict access to outsiders and take complete control of your secured network.


Flocks is a verified network that you can use to send announcements & e-mails, create polls & events, connect with other universities and get feedback instantly for decision making among your students and peers. It is also a convenient way to connect alumni with their fellows or any faculty or member of the institution.



A platform for students to easily share information on current and future employment possibilities, educational resources and other information which will be beneficial to students, faculty and members of the institution. Flocks is a perfect platform for mentors to help steer students in the right direction and help them make informed decisions for their careers.



Assess the strength of an institution from feedback and comments. On this platform you can also measure the performance levels of students to improve their key skills and keep an eye on their online activities.


GFlocks is the ideal platform to be recognized among the verified crowd. By putting up your objectives, achievements , plans and milestones, you can add more glory to your institutions, improve your reputation and make yourself present in this network.