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Use of the left side menu on my home page

Click the main links to quickly find jobs, offers, groups, pages and other features you're connected to.

»  Wall Feed - is a stream of updates from friends and Pages you follow and is your default home page view.

»  Messages - are where you can read and create private messages on Flocks.

»  Credits - is for participating in Activities and get them converted in the store or avail deals.

»  Badges - is for your surf performance @ flocks to send a rank.

»  Albums - Its’ a photo application that makes it fast and fun to organize and find your Pictures and Videos.

»  Offers - Big savings - Limited-time offers - Group discounts. All in one place especially for you.

»  Events - It's about celebrating the amazing work of our community, showing off your skills, and just having a fun time together.

»  Groups - Provide a closed space for small groups of people to communicate about shared interests. Groups can be created by anyone.

»  Pages - You can create your own page with proper styles.

»  Polls – Create your own or add answers to your friends polls.

»  Jobs - You can able to find the suitable job here.

»  Resumes - You can create your resume with our flocks default style and submit your resume to suitable job post.

»  Articles - You can find n number of articles in different categories and also you can able create an article.

»  Projects - Review abstracts and white papers to start working on a project or find the right partner.

»  Tutorials - You can able to find a lot of videos on different categories.

»  Blogs - You can create your own blog and you can also to find your friends blogs.

»  Questions - Get answers for unsolved questions or for the right solution from the experts.

»  Discussions - You discuss with the document and got right solutions from that

»  Quiz - It’s the place to see your skill and also challenge others.

»  Folders - You can store your files, Documents with the password protection.

»  Music - You can pass your time with this interesting module.

How Wall feed works?

Wall Feed—the center column of your home page—is a constantly updating list of stories from people and Pages that you follow on Flocks. News feed stories include status updates, photos, videos, links and likes.

Why am I seeing stories about people who are not my friends or groups I'm not a part of in my News Feed?

You might see posts in your News Feed of people who are not your friends because we show it to you only if your friends like or interact with that post. Keep in mind that we only show you someone's posts if they're set to Public or Friends of Friends.

Why can I see Wall Feed stories about someone who has yet to accept my friend request?

When you send someone a friend request, stories they've shared as Public may appear in your Wall Feed. This way you don’t have wait for them to respond to your friend request to see their public updates. Please note that Wall Feed won't show stories that a non-friend wouldn't be able to see. People who have yet to accept your friend requests will also appear on your Friends page. Here, you can add them to friend lists.

If you don’t want to see stories from a person who has yet to accept your friend requests, you can hide them from your Wall Feed by hovering over the top right of a story about them and clicking the Hide link that appears. You can also remove them as a friend by clicking X next to their name on your Friends page.

How do I report what I see in wall feed?

Use the Sort menu in the top right of your Wall and click on it. Here you can report or hide the particular post.

Sort stories

Use the Sort menu in the top right of your Wall.