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It’s an application that makes it easy to verify the flocks member details.

Where do you find Verification Link?

Click on Verification link on left side panel from flocks. Dropper → Verification


How do I verify the flocks member?

In Verification page there are five steps to verify a flocks member.

»  Flocks Unique ID Form

»  Member Status

»  Get Request

»  Send Request

»  Get Access

Step : 1  To verify a flocks member enter the flocks unique id from Flocks Unique id Form.


Step : 2  After sent unique id, check the verification member status then proceed to request form.


Step : 3  After Check Member status , fill the request form and then send request to flocks member .


Step : 4  After Confirmed verification send request , Permission request mail and OTP Password sent to receiver.


Step : 5  After getting Confirmation mail and OTP Password by receiver then permission request to sender.


Where should I decline or accept the permission request?

To decline the permission request click the NO (red) button.

To accept the permission request click the YES (green) button.


Where should I verify the OTP Password?

Enter the OTP code and then verify or regenerate the OTP code then verify.


Where should I know verified OTP?

After verified OTP code, success message will show otherwise "OTP code is wrong" message will show.


Where should I view the flocks member profile?

After getting "Requesting Permission to view your profile info" mail link by sender then click that mail link and view the member profile.