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What are Flocks Store?

Dropper → Favourities → Store

Flocks Select the PRODUCTS Tab, It Displays Today’s Hot Offer of the Products. Below which you will find the other products scrolling on the Page under the Browse Products.


How do I Purchase Products?

»  Click on the Product that you wish to view, and then select the tabs to know about the complete information about the products.


»  Place the cursor on the Image of the product, to zoom the product.

»  Click on the Category’s Name to view more Products that belongs to the same category.

»  Below the Product Specification, Find the Price of the Products, No. of Items Available.

»  On the Quantity Field, Enter the Number of products Required to you.

»  Choose the Color for the product.

»  Click on the Category’s Name to view more Products that belongs to the same category.

»  Click on the Add to wishlist icon, to add the item to your wishlist. Click on the Same button to remove from the Wishlist.

»  Click on the Add to Cart Button, to add the item to your cart.

»  Click on the Stars, to Rate the Product to your wish.

»  Click on the Buy More Products to Look up for the other Products.

»  Click on the Comments, to view the comments posted by other users.

»  Place the Cursor inside write a Comments, and then Post comments by clicking the POST Button


How do I Filter Products?

»  Select the Filter option, you can filter your products by the categories available in the Drop down List Box. Also Filter the Products by choosing the Price Range.


»  Click on the Dotted-Widget → to go to My Transaction, FAQ and Manage Store.


»  Select My Transaction, to view your wishlist, purchases and shipping details.


»  Select My Wishlist, to view the products added to your Wishlist.


»  Select My Purchases, it lists the ORDER ID of the purchases. Click on the Order ID to check their status and also you can download the intangible products. By Clicking on the View Details, it displays the complete purchase details and also you can download the Invoice by clicking on the Download Invoice.


»  Select My Shipping Details to update or save your Shipping Information.


»  Select FAQ, to view the Frequently Asked Questions.


»  Select Wishlist Tab, to view the products added to the wishlist.


»  Under the Cart Tab, you can view the quantity,Amount, shipping Information of the Products.


»  Click on the Checkout With Credit Button to purchase the product with Credits. An OTP (One Time Password) has been Triggered and sent to your Mobile. Type the OTP and Click on Confirm Pay to Process the Payment.


»  Once the Payment is Processed, you will receive a Payment Complete Notification along with message, Thank you! Your payment has been completed successfully.

»  Click on the Download Invoice, to download the Invoice of your Purchase.