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Social Plugin

Flocks help you to connect from facebook, twitter, LinkedIn pages. Just click on the wall feed link and enter your login credentials.



Commenting Basics

How do I comment on something I see on Flocks?

To comment on something:

1. Click the Comment link under the post or in the white box that says Write a comment...

2. Type your comment

3. Press enter or return to publish it

How do I delete a comment I posted?

To delete a comment:

Click on delete link from a particular activity. You can see the pop-up window. Now click on the confirm button



How do I share a status or other content on Flocks?

Depending on whom you'd like to share with, there are different ways to share content on Flocks:

Sharing with a broad audience: Use the share menu that's located at every post in the wall feeds and other pages. Just clicking on it and share your own thoughts for a larger audience. You can update your status and share photos, videos, links and other application content. Things you share will appear as it appears in your Wall Feed. To control whether or not specific people have the option to view your stories, you can change the privacy settings for each piece of content you post.

If you need to Share your own Questions, Links, photos, music, video to the audience. Just place the curser and click on ‘post something’



How do I add a friend?

Search for someone using the search bar at the top of any Flocks page. Find the person you want to friend and click on them. Click the Add Friend button next to their name to send them a friend request.

Who can send me friend requests?

By default, anyone on Flocks can send you a friend request.